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Direct Visual Signaling as a Means for Occupant Notification in Large Spaces

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3.             Project Partners

The Fire Protection Research Foundation is the principle sponsor for this project.  They have provided a grant to R.P. Schifiliti Associates, Inc. to conduct tests, draft code language and write a report.

One of the principle goals for this project was a quick turn-around and a second was low cost. To achieve these goals the help of other organizations was solicited. Project Partners were solicited to provide facilities for testing, technicians to assist in the tests and other services necessary to move the project forward. Several Project Partners have provided in-kind donations of time, facilities and services. In addition to the corporate support, several individuals within these companies have been instrumental in setting up and conducting the strobe tests. 

TVA Fire and Life Safety Logo TVA Fire & Life Safety, Inc. offers comprehensive fire protection, life safety, security, engineering, risk management, and loss control services to Fortune 500 companies including the Home Depot.  They have donated time and assisted in setting up tests at Home Depot locations.  In addition, they have provided engineering information about the installed systems and coordinated technicians from FMG for conducting the tests.
The Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement retailer and second largest retailer in the United States. They have donated the use of their stores as test sites. 
FMG - Fire Materials Group Fire Materials Group (FMG) provides professionally managed fire and life safety services. They provide fire alarm inspection, testing and maintenance services for the Home Depot.  FMG donated the services of their technicians for conducting tests at Home Depot locations. 
Wal-Mart. Always Low Prices. Always. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the world’s largest retailer.  They have donated time and permitted us to test in their stores.  Wal-Mart Security Services has donated time and assisted in setting up tests.  They have also provided Wal-Mart fire alarm technicians for conducting tests.
American Sign Language Interpreting Services (ASL Services) is a nationwide company dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional and ethical Sign Language services at reasonable prices to the community in accordance with the communication preferences of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons they serve. ASL provided the services of an interpreter during the testing in Kissimmee, Fl.

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