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Direct Visual Signaling as a Means for Occupant Notification in Large Spaces

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6.             Test Participants

There were 13 participants in the Reading test, 12 at Danvers and 22 at Kissimmee.  Most participants were from the fire protection and fire service communities.  Despite several contacts with deaf and hard-of-hearing organizations, only one (Danvers) participant was drawn from those communities.  For the Kissimmee test, three different local deaf and hard-of-hearing organizations contacted their members and gave them information and an invitation to the test.  The state of Florida sent the project information and invitation by email to over 8,000 persons twice.


In Reading, three participants identified themselves as having hearing impairments.  Two indicated their impairment was mild and one said it was severe.  Two of these participants (one severe and one mild) wore corrective devices. 


In Danvers, two participants identified themselves as having hearing impairments.  One indicated their impairment was mild and one said it was severe (participant from a hard-of-hearing organization).  One of these participants (severe) wore corrective devices.


In speaking with participants and with persons from the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, it appears the early morning test times had the greatest negative impact on drawing participants.  Other factors such as transportation and motivation may also have impacted participation. 


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