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Direct Visual Signaling as a Means for Occupant Notification in Large Spaces

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4.             Test Plan

The test plan began with the development of a detailed Test Protocol.  A copy of the protocol is reproduced in Section 14 to this report.  The protocol was used as a checklist for each test.  In summary, participants were solicited and asked to walk around the store.  The fire alarm system was then activated.  Pre and post test surveys were used to gather data. 


For each site, information was gathered concerning the design and installation of the strobe alerting system.  Ceiling heights were either obtained from plans or measured.  The mounting height of strobes, relative to the floor, the ceiling and lighting fixtures was measured.  Stock heights, aisle widths and rack widths were measured in several locations.  Ambient light measurements were taken throughout the stores. 


At each test location a reception/gathering point for participants was established outside, in front of the main entrance to the store.  Refreshments were provided for the participants.  Because the project used human test subjects, an Informed Consent Form was required.  Section 15 contains a copy of the Participant Information Sheet & Consent Form.  As each person arrived, they were given a numbered nametag.  Their participant number was used on all forms as the means of tracking the participant.  Each person was asked to read, initial and sign a consent form.  The form was checked for completeness and the person was asked if the had any questions, which were then answered. 


A tool was developed to gather pertinent information about the test participants.  A blank copy of the Participant Survey – Pre-Test is included as Section 16.  After completing the Consent Form, they were given the Pre-Test Survey to complete.  Each survey form was checked to determine if there were any conditions that might be cause for a person to not participate.  (None were noted for any of the tests.) 


Test participants were each given a small note card with instructions and reminders about what they were to do during the tests.  A copy of the card is reproduced in Section 17.  The group was given verbal instructions and asked to enter the store and go “shopping”. 


The store’s paging systems were used to make verbal announcements that a test was in progress.  After participants had been in the store for 10 to 20 minutes, the fire alarm system was activated.  The group returned to the gathering point where they were given a Post-Test survey (Participant Survey – Post-Test, Section 18).  Each Post-Test Survey was checked for completeness and, if necessary, questions were asked and the form marked for clarity or completeness. 


After all forms had been gathered a group discussion was initiated to gather addition feedback and information.  The group discussions were valuable in getting qualitative information about the pros and cons for each test scenario.  This was particularly valuable for participants that took part in more than one test. 


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